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Want To Know The Latest Innovations in Land and Biodiversity Conservation? Start Here

When you think innovation, what comes to mind? Chances are it might be technology related – but what’s not as common to come across in the trending news articles is innovation in the nature conservation arena.

Conservation innovation stems from passionate work done by volunteers and environmental professionals striving to develop initiatives that protect land, aquatic environments and biodiversity. These breakthroughs are instrumental in protecting and fostering a sustainable and resilient world. The land, water and natural resources that these innovations are championed to protect include recreational public space, important resources to a fresh water supply and clean air, and critical habitats for native species.

jim levittJim Levitt, Director of the Program on Conservation Innovation at Harvard University, is an industry leader in landmark innovations in land and biodiversity conservation. And he will be speaking at Earth Day Texas 2017.

Along with writing and editing dozens of books and a TEDx talk, Levitt is the manager of Land Conservation Programs in the Department of Planning and Urban Form at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. In addition to a list of impressive accomplishments in his area of expertise, Levitt has received the medallion of Chile’s Chamber of Duties in recognition of his work in land conservation in the nation.

See Jim Levitt speak at Earth Day Texas 2017 at Fair Park April 21-23. Free admission for all!


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Earth Day Texas 2016, at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.

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