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Deepen Your Understanding of Ocean Health with Project D.E.E.P!

Earth Day Texas 2016, at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.

Earth Day Texas will be launching a new initiative focused on igniting conversations surrounding the health of our oceans. Project D.E.E.P introduces easy ways to get involved at the grassroots level as well as stimulate action at the corporate level. Combating ocean pollution is one of the main ambitions of Project D.E.E.P which stands for discover, experience, empower and protect. 
Here’s how you can go D.E.E.P at Earth Day Texas 2017!
Discover all there is to do in the deep! Earth Day Texas will have interactive exhibits (did we mention scuba diving), workshops, panels and beyond to get attendees excited about ocean conservation and how to combat single-use plastic. 
Experience the Earth Day Texas World Oceans day kickoff in preparation for World Ocean Day on June 8, 2017. Talk with global experts, leaders and innovators about the vital importance of protecting our ocean and sea life from pollution. Earth Day Texas 2016, at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.

Feel empowered to act after watching one of the inspiring films on ocean conservation as part of “The Reef” film collection at the first ever EarthxFilm Festival

Protect your community, waterways and oceans by participating in the Earth Hike Challenge! This grassroots challenge, beginning on Earth Day, April 22, and ending on World Oceans Day, June 8, encourages attendees to go on a hike picking up any litter and single-use plastic waste you come across along the way!
You don’t have to live on the coast to make an impact! Be a part of something D.E.E.P(er) at Earth Day Texas, April 21-23 at Fair Park!

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