2015 Exhibitor Information

  • Event: Saturday, April 25, 2015 and Sunday, April 26, 2015.
  • Estimated attendance: 70,000.
  • 92% of 2014 Exhibitors surveyed said they would exhibit again in 2015 
  • Earth Day Texas 2015 Exhibitor Networking Event will be held on Friday, April 24, 2015.


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2014 Event Reference Materials

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2014 Event Summary

  • 57,000 attendees
  • 817 exhibitor spaces (44% commercial, 26% non-profit, 22% academic, 8% government)
  • Keynote speaker: Ed Begley, Jr.
  • 2014 Sponsors
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2014 Event Media Summary

  • $2,847,952 ......... estimated earned media value
  • 395,683,137 ....... estimated earned media reach




Earth Day Texas Exhibitor License Terms & Conditions

This agreement represents a request for space at the Earth Day Texas, Inc. (hereafter referred to as “EDTx”) event currently entitled Earth Day Texas 2015 at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on April 25 and April 26 of 2015 (the “Event”) and does not entitle an exhibitor to exhibition space until it has received written approval by EDTx.

1. EDTx reserves the right to refuse any/or all requests for an exhibition space. In all cases where EDTx refuses to license exhibition space to an exhibition space applicant, EDTx will return any and all payments received by EDTx from exhibition space applicant. 

2. If an exhibitor’s request for exhibition space is approved and a exhibitor space assignment is made by EDTx (hereafter referred as “Exhibitor Space”), a copy of this agreement or other form of electronic communication will be returned to the approved exhibitor (hereafter referred to as “Exhibitor”) and will serve as a binding license by and between Exhibitor and EDTx, to use designated Exhibitor Space for the sole purpose stated in this agreement.  The term of this agreement shall be from the date of execution by both parties until the latter of 6:00 p.m. of April 26, 2015 or the end of the actual last day of the festival. In the event Exhibitor is unable to attend the event for any reason, Exhibitor License fees will not be refunded or transferred to a subsequent year for any reason.

3. Floor plans and Exhibitor Space assignments are solely at EDTx’s discretion and are subject to change at any time. EDTx’s festival dates and EDTx’s festival locations are subject to change and cancellation at any time.

4. Exhibitor requests for Exhibitor Space relocation are subject to EDTx’s written approval, which shall be at EDTx’s sole discretion. Exhibitors that request relocation may be subject to relative additional charges and fees by EDTx and its contractors.

5. By Exhibitor’s execution of this agreement, Exhibitor and its agents, employees and invitees, agree to abide by and comply fully with all Terms and Conditions set forth herein as well as any additional rules and regulations that may be set out by EDTx. Failure to comply with same shall constitute default by Exhibitor.  Upon the occurrence of any default by Exhibitor, EDTx may terminate this agreement whereupon EDTx may retain any deposits and the Exhibitor License Fees or other amounts theretofore paid by Exhibitor.

6. Exhibitor shall use the Exhibitor Space solely for the purpose of exhibiting products, goods, services, programs, causes, and educational information relevant to the green/sustainable/eco industry and for no other purpose.  Assigning or subletting Exhibitor Space is prohibited. EDTx reserves the right in its sole discretion to expel any assignee from the festival without notice.

7. Exhibitor hereby releases EDTx, Fair Park and the City of Dallas and their respective officers, directors, shareholders, employees, representatives, contract workers, volunteers and agents from all claims, demands, loss, damage or expense, including those personal or bodily injuries or property damages arising out of or in connection with the use of the Exhibitor Space by Exhibitor during the festival.  Exhibitor acknowledges that EDTx provides no insurance and accepts no responsibility for any such losses or damages in connection with the festival.  This section shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement.

8. Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless EDTx, Fair Park and the City of Dallas and their respective officers, directors, shareholders, employees, representatives, contract workers, volunteers’ and  agents and any person or entry to which EDTx, Fair Park or the City of Dallas owes a similar duty of indemnification from and against all claims, damages, liens, causes of action, suits, judgments and expenses, including attorney fees, which may arise out of or in any way related to the festival, specifically, personal injury or death, even if caused by the negligence of EDTx, Fair Park and the City of Dallas and their respective officers, directors, shareholders, employees, representatives, contract workers, volunteers and agents.  Exhibitor’s liability includes but is not limited to personal injury caused by water spills or display breakdowns, property damage to other exhibitor’s or EDTx, Fair Park or the City of Dallas property, exhibit space or premises or other areas of the festival caused by water spills, leakage or display breakdowns.  This section shall survive the termination of this Agreement.

9. Commercial exhibitors will maintain commercial general liability insurance and insurance providing protection to Exhibitor for theft and/or damage to Exhibitor’s property or products in an amount not less than $2,000,000.  Exhibitor shall present via mail, fax or e-mail to EDTx a certificate of insurance to EDTx naming EDTx, Fair Park and the City of Dallas as and additional insured and evidencing the required coverage no later than thirty (30) days prior to the Event.  All personal property belonging to Exhibitor that is in or any part of the Exhibitor Space shall be there at risk of Exhibitor only, and EDTx, Fair Park, the City of Dallas and their respective officers, directors, shareholders, employees, representatives, contract works, volunteers and agents shall not be liable for any damage thereto or for the theft misappropriation thereof.

10. Exhibitor shall not attach anything to the tenting and/or any part of the structure that makes up the Exhibitor Space that does not meet guidelines furnished by the event contractor. Tenting structures are not typically load bearing, and all product and/or fixtures belonging to the Exhibitor must meet guidelines furnished by the event contractor. 

11. Exhibits must remain completely intact, inside the Exhibit Space, and the Exhibit must be staffed during scheduled festival hours. Exhibitors arriving late and/or leaving early are subject to expulsion.

12. Exhibit Space area not claimed by the end of the exhibitor load-in period of the festival shall be deemed abandoned and revert to EDTx to be utilized at its sole discretion. In such event, Exhibitor forfeits any and all deposits, fees, payments or other monies therefore paid to EDTx.

13. All exhibitors, officers, agents, employees or other representatives shall obtain passes from Exhibitor Registration and wear such passes while at EDTx at all times.

14. EDTx reserves the right to move or remove from the festival any Exhibitor and/or its representative or exhibit for the good of the festival.

15. Exhibitor is required to remove all waste from the festival area. If Exhibitor does not properly clean their Exhibit Space or any surrounding area, Exhibitor may be charged a penalty of $100 for the removal of trash, displays and any other materials.  Whenever possible all waste should be recycled.

16. EDTx reserves the right of refusal to not allow the sale of items that do not meet the festival standards or do not relate to the green/sustainable/eco industry.

17. Exhibitors are solely responsible for securing the proper retail permits and for collection and payment of any/all sales tax.

By agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of this Agreement during the online registration process, the Exhibitor agrees to be bound by all terms and conditions contained in this letter.