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Earth Day Texas 2017:
Encouraging Texans to Improve the Environment

Earth Day Texas is a Texas-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that focuses on environmental education and hosts the largest event of its kind in the world. This initiative brings together environmental organizations, businesses, academic institutions, government agencies, and subject matter experts to interactively engage attendees and encourage them to support environmental causes, and make sustainable decisions in their personal and professional lives.

General Information

The World's Largest Earth Day Exhibition

  • April 21-23, 2017
  • 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Fair Park, Dallas, Texas
  • Free public admission
  • 50 – 75,000* attendees expected
  • 280,000 square feet of indoor space
  • 277 acres of outdoor space (parkwide)
  • 14,000 parking spaces
  • Minutes from downtown Dallas
  • DART station at main entrance

*Historical peak attendance to date is 58,000 people.

Event Outcomes

Get out and get INVOLVED.

Earth Day Texas offers an opportunity to experience the latest in conservation and sustainability. It's a forum for causes, innovations, offerings, opportunities, and sustainable products and services.


ENGAGE in issues, opportunities, and solutions.

The best way to learn is by doing. Earth Day Texas provides interactive learning opportunities that are fun and impactful. Learn more about an existing passion or find a new one and dive into it.



Earth Day Texas' goal is to continue to expose Texans, Americans, and the world to impactful information that they can use to support environmental causes and policies and make more sustainable decisions in their personal and professional lives.

Sponsor & Exhibitor Engagement

Exhibitor Departments Make Navigating the Event Easier & Support Deeper Exhibitor / Attendee Engagement

  • Exhibition is key to the education and outcome driven mission of EDTx. It facilitates face-to-face interaction and a meaningful exchange of information and ideas that can be acted upon by attendees throughout the year.
  • EDTx will feature easy-to-navigate departments that are comprised of exhibitors with messages that are grouped by how or where the attendee can take action with what they have learned.
  • In addition to exhibits, departments will include thematically relevant programming elements such as workshops, speakers, panels, meet and greets, and discussion areas.
  • Earth Day Texas will market both the broader event and use targeted campaigns to drive interest in, and create a "buzz" for, individual departments.
Exhibitor Information

Exhibitor Presence

  • 1,120 occupied exhibit spaces (100 square feet each).
  • 589 total exhibitors (includes sponsors).
  • 47% increase in exhibitor spaces from 2014 to 2015.

Exhibitor Survey

  • 91% of respondents plan to participate again in 2016.
  • 60% of respondents acquired new business, members, or applicants within 6 weeks of the event.
  • 87% of respondents stated that the event was an excellent or good forum through which to share their message.
  • 78% of respondents stated that the quantity of attendee traffic at their exhibit was excellent or good.

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Source: SalesForce Report 2011-2015, Exhibitor Survey, Earth Day Texas 2015

Sponsor Engagement

Business-to-Business Networking

Leaders from organizations that include nonprofits, corporations, academia, and government can participate in the numerous banquets, meetings, luncheons, and networking opportunities that Earth Day Texas provides.

Sponsor Information

Sponsor Brand Integration

Business-to-Business Networking

Leaders from organizations that include nonprofits, corporations, academia, and government can participate in the numerous banquets, meetings, luncheons, and networking opportunities that Earth Day Texas provides.

Sponsor Information

Media – Paid and Earned
  • EDTx 2015 garnered 23 million paid and 541 million earned media impressions.
  • Organizers expect 50-75,000 attendees and over 750 organizations to participate in EDTx 2016.
  • EDTx will implement innovative visitor delivery programs in 2016 that will now include targeted campaigns to reach discrete audiences that will drive impactful exhibitor / attendee engagement.
Exhibitor Feedback

"EDTx is an incredible opportunity to get your message out to tens of thousands of people and peers. Leveraging your organization’s participation reaps big digital media and marketing benefits, too."

Rob Sisson, ConservAmerica

"The American Lung Association in North Texas held its first annual LUNG FORCE Walk at Earth Day 2015. The benefits of our partnership with Earth Day went far beyond our expectations!"

Jeff Miracle, LUNG FORCE

"Earth Day Texas is an amazing event that we look forward to attending every year!"

Chastity Reed, Sea Shepherd

"We have been a partner with Earth Day Texas for quite a while now. We enjoy it because we really get a chance to work with our community and our citizens and educating them about our service and all about our safety and reliability messaging."

Celina Cárdenas, Atmos Energy Corporation

"Earth Day Texas has been amazing to us. This is our first year coming, this is our launch event. Literally, Friday was our opening to the public and we are really excited to be along for this ride."

Greg Merrill, Austin Footwear Labs

"Earth Day Texas and Eco Friends Pest Control are in a long-term relationship."

Lin Ellis, Eco Friends Pest Control, Inc.

"Earth Day Texas is getting bigger and better every year. This event is helping catalyze the movement toward a sustainable economy."

Brandon Morton, North Lake College

"A great way for Environmental Science students to get a field trip that represents nearly every aspect of the school curriculum in one visit."

Mark Anthony, Addison ISD

"It was a great experience! We were able to share what STEM has to offer and our students were able to network with businesses and schools for future collaborations."

Tiffany R. Huitt, Dallas ISD

"This was like Disney World for the environment."

Terry Branch, EPA

"Earth Day Texas has grown into an extraordinary event. My wife came down here and visited. She says it's even better than the State Fair of Texas. It’s very educational; it’s a rich opportunity for learning for all ages."

Jim Fisinger, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

"We're so excited to have been able to participate in Earth Day Texas this year and are so thankful for the NPCA for bringing us all here so we can celebrate the diversity of Texas national parks and we’re looking forward to participating in years to come."

Susan Snow, San Antonio Missions National Historic Park

Source: Earth Day Texas 2015 Exhibitor Survey, SalesForce

Exhibit / Sponsor

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