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EARTHx Empowers Communities to Build Pollinator Habitats


EARTHx Empowers Communities to Build Pollinator Habitats

Events inspire conversation, participation & community support to help revive and restore native pollinator habitat

Birds, bats, bees, butterflies, beetles, and other small mammals that pollinate plants are responsible for bringing people one out of every three bites of food. Today, numerous populations of pollinators are experiencing record habitat lows and need help from the community. Through the Pollinator Accelerator program and the EARTHxPitch Civic Division competition, participants ignited conversations with experts from around the world to learn more about what businesses, consumers, families and communities can do to help.

EARTHx highlighted the importance of pollinator conservation during the five-day conference and expo this past April, and featured the brand new environmental initiative Pollinator Accelerator that ignited discussion, education and community action.

Pollinator Accelerator

The Pollinator Accelerator initiative was designed to generate greater citizen and civic support for pollinators and their habitats through engagement, education, networking, awareness, collaboration and participation. Attendees experienced various engagement areas throughout Fair Park, including interactive exhibits, garden demos, workshops and panel discussions. Below are a few ways attendees took specific action:

  • The Butterfly House – Newly-emerged butterflies were released into the Rosine Smith Sammons Butterfly House at The Texas Discovery Gardens. Attendees experienced various species of butterflies from U.S., Africa, El Salvador, Colombia, Philippines and Malaysia. During the three-day EARTHx event, The Texas Discovery Gardens received five times the amount of traffic than any other time of the year.
  • Seed Bomb Making Workshop – During this workshop, attendees learned how to make seed balls with The Great Seed Bomb using native wildflower seeds, compost and clay.

EARTHxPitch competition

As one of the new additions to the EARTHxPitch competition, the Civic Division focused on cities that have made an active commitment to promoting the importance of improving pollinator health & habitat in their communities. As the winners of this division, the City of Garland and Friends of Southwest Nature Preserve (Arlington) were awarded a combined amount of $10,000 for their projects focused on the conservation and sustainability of pollinator habitats in their communities.

With pollination producing nearly $20 billion worth of products annually in the United States and more than one-third of the food we eat requiring pollinators, it’s vital we continue to raise awareness and educate our communities. Learn more about National Pollinator Week taking place June 20-26 and please join our Nector Connecter Facebook group to stay engaged with this conservation initiative throughout the year. 


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