Event Programming


2015 - Event Programming


Green Speaker Series

Shawna CoronadoShawna Coronado

Saturday, April 25, 2:30 – 3:30 PM

Shawna Coronado is an author, columnist, blogger, photographer, and spokesperson dedicated to speaking internationally on living a green lifestyle, organic gardening, and culinary arts. Shawna’s ultimate goal through all of her work is to better the world through community involvement and simple green living.


A Bed Over My Head

B.A. Norrgard

Sunday, April 26, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Back by popular demand, Tiny House Enthusiast Beth Ann “B.A.” Norrgard is bringing her hand-built, 112 square-foot home to EDTx 2015. At the event, she will give home tours and speak about her sustainable lifestyle and dream for urban tiny house communities. Norrgard lives by example as she passionately advocates living a large life in a small space.



Eco ExpoEco-Expo

Friday, April 24, Saturday, April 25 and
Sunday, April 26

As the world’s largest public exhibition dedicated to environmental stewardship, at Earth Day Texas you can visit more than 1,100 exhibits to learn from renewable energy pioneers, innovative green businesses, outspoken conservation advocates, leading architecture groups, prominent government entities like NASA and NOAA, and many more.


Friday Eco ConferenceFriday Eco-Conference

Friday, April 24

To celebrate its five-year anniversary, Earth Day Texas (EDTx) will kick off with the first annual Eco-Conference. This day of programming is specifically designed to engage business, civic, and community leaders in conversations about building a sustainable future. Friday will feature capitvating speakers, specialized networking opportunities, and lively debates.


OmniGlobe DisplayOmniGlobe Display

Friday, April 24, Saturday, April 25 and
Sunday, April 26

Watch our planet as if from outer space on one of EDTx’s two OmniGlobes, digital spheres that simulate real-life weather patterns, ocean currents, and continental drifts across Earth’s surface. Viewers can change the globe’s appearance on a touch-screen kiosk and choose from about 180 unique animations.


The NASA ExperienceThe NASA Experience

Friday, April 24, Saturday, April 25 and
Sunday, April 26

NASA’s exhibit will be a multi-media experience where visitors will find themselves fully immersed in the International Space Station Program, learning the finer points of space exploration, and getting up close and personal with a 4 billion-year old moon rock.



Tree Climbers InternationalTree Climbers International

Saturday, April 25 and Sunday, April 26

Yes, tree climbing as a recreational activity and it is just as much fun as it sounds. Learn how to climb trees, rope-and-harness style, with professional instructors on the historic oaks at Fair Park.





EDTx Rising Stars Music Showcase

Saturday, April 25 and Sunday, April 26

Come watch professional musicians and talented youth play side-by-side at our outdoor concert series organized by Texas Music Project, a nonprofit that supports music education in Texas schools. Seven-time Grammy award-winner Paul Winter and Consort is headlining the two-day series of quality music and entertainment.


Paul WinterPaul Winter and Consort

Saturday, April 25

Seven-time Grammy winner Paul Winter has a body of work that chronicles his wide-ranging experiences in the musical traditions and natural enviornments of the Earth. The saxophonist, composer, and bandleader founded Living Music as the recording context for his ensemble, the Paul Winter Consor, and his community of colleagues, which includes some of the world's finest jazz, world, and clasical musicians, along with notable voices from the great symphony of wildlife.



Bat Conservation

Dianne Odegard

Saturday, April 25, 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Dianne Odegard is a Texas-permitted bat rehabilitator and Education and Public Outreach Manager for Bat Conservation International. At EDTx, Odegard will present with a live bat to demystify this creature that is such a crucial link in worldwide ecosystems.

Speaker Panel

Conservation Has No Party

Saturday, April 25, 1:00 – 2:00 PM

Rob Sisson

Rob Sisson is the president of ConservAmerica, the national grassroots organization that advocates "conservation needs to be a bi-partisan priority" and works to educate public and elected officials on conservative approaches to today's most pressing environmental challenges.


David Yarnold

David Yarnold is President of the Audubon Society, a conservation organization that connects nearly four million people using science and education. Yarnold has led a turnaround that has expanded Audubon’s effectiveness while building on the organization's strong conservation legacy. As Yarold describes it, "This is not your grandmother's Audubon anymore."


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