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EARTH DAY TEXAS 2017: The place where environmentally conscious organizations, businesses, institutions, and attendees get together to have fun learning about conservation and sustainable solutions that will make a difference today, tomorrow and every day thereafter.

In 2016, Earth Day Texas connected 130,669 attendees with sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers from environmental nonprofits, businesses, government agencies, and academic institutions.

2016 Post-Event Quick Facts
April 22–24, 2016 • Fair Park – Dallas, Texas
130,669 Attendees EDTx-2016-Arial-View
  • 88% plan to participate again in 2017
  • 82% said it was a good or excellent place to share their message
  • 1,661 exhibit spaces

Media Recap


Media Partners

234 Speakers / Panelists

Keynote Speakers

  • Karenna Gore
  • Katharine Hayhoe, PhD
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
  • Ted Roosevelt IV
  • Guro Grytli Seim
  • Laura Turner Seydell
Complete 2016 Speaker List
Event Programming

6 Films

11 Bands

41 Special Installations

EDTx-Special-Events E-Day-Conference

Special Events

  • 1 Luncheon
  • 3 Dinner Banquets
  • 1 Fundraising Gala
  • 5 Networking Receptions
Inspiring Experiences for Everyone

In 2016, Earth Day Texas connected 130,669 attendees with exhibitors from nonprofits, businesses, government agencies, and academic institutions.


Get out and get inspired.

Attendees spend time in a historic park with family and friends enjoying programming and learning how they can use the information, products, services, and opportunities presented by exhibitors to benefit the environment.


Talk about issues, opportunities, and involvement.

Programming and exhibition allows for a personal and informative dialogue that inspires attendees to learn more, get involved, support a cause, donate, volunteer, or adopt sustainable products.


Apply what is learned.

Our goal is to work with our exhibitors to provide attendees with the information and tools they need to make sustainable choices that enhance their lives while benefitting the planet.

2017 Event Overview
The World's Largest Earth Day Event
EDTx-Event-Beer-Garden EDTx-Event-Food

April 21-23, 2017

  • 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Fair Park, Dallas, Texas
  • Free public admission
  • 150,000 attendees expected
    (130,669 is the historical peak)
  • One million square feet of
    indoor / outdoor event space
  • Minutes from downtown Dallas
  • Dallas Area Rapid Transit Station
    (DART) at main entrance
2017 Event Schedule
150,000 Attendees Expected


  • E-Day Conference
  • E-Day Meetings
  • E-Day Speaker Series
    • Professional Audiences


  • E-Day Conference
  • Exhibits Open
  • Speaker Series
  • General Programming
    • Student Field Trips
    • Professional Audiences
    • General Public

Saturday & Sunday

  • Exhibits Open
  • Speaker Series
  • Music Series
  • General Programming
    • General Public
Attendee Information

EDTX Attendee Growth


2016 Attendee Survey

  • The top three attendance motivators are to i) learn about new products that are environmentally friendly and help sustain a green lifestyle, ii) have a nice day out with family and friends, and iii) show support for the cause.
  • 77% describe themselves as people who look to purchase eco-friendly products and 78% describe themselves as advocates for environmentally friendly practices in the workplace.
  • Average age: 35
  • Average group size: 3.6
  • Attendees were most frequently accompanied by their children, friends, or spouses.
  • Average expected length of visit in hours: 4.2
  • First-time attendees: 70%
  • Percentage asked who would recommend EDTx to others: 100%
2016 Exhibitor Information

2016 Exhibition Summary

  • 790 total exhibitors
  • 1,661 exhibit spaces occupied
  • 48% increase in exhibitor spaces from 2015 to 2016

2016 Exhibitor Survey*

  • 88% of respondents plan to participate again in 2017.
  • 83% of respondents expect to acquire new members, business, donations, or applicants within three weeks of the event.
  • 82% of respondents stated that the event was an excellent or good forum through which to share their message.
  • 83% of respondents stated that the quantity of attendee traffic at their exhibit was excellent or good.

*Source: Qualtrics Exhibitor Survey, Earth Day Texas 2016

Exhibition Departments

Exhibitors are departmentalized based on the type of work that they do and where the attendees can apply what they have learned from the exhibitor. For example, if a renewable energy producer plans to exhibit its commercial or civic offerings, it would be in the Home & Garden department. If that same exhibitor plans to exhibit its commercial or civic offerings, it would be in the Infrastructure & Industry department.

Exhibitor Pricing
2017 Exhibitor Package Information & Pricing

Indoor and outdoor exhibitor space is offered in 10' x 10' increments. Exhibitors may apply for multiple 10' x 10' spaces, which will be arranged as requested (e.g., 10' x 40' or 20' x 20'). Visit earthdaytx.org/exhibit to apply or call 214-310-1200 for more information.

6-1-16 to 11-30-16
Register By:
12-1-16 to 4-15-17
College & University (Enrollment > $0) $600 $800
College & University (Enrollment > $10k) $850 $1,100
Commercial (Revenue > $0) $600 $800
Commercial (Revenue > 500k) $1,500 $1,750
Commercial (Revenue > $5m) $2,000 $2,500
Commercial (Revenue > $50m) $2,500 $3,000
Go Texan* $300 $450
Government Agencies $0 $0
Non-Profit (Revenue > $0) $250 $350
Non-Profit (Revenue > $100k) $600 $700
Non-Profit (Revenue > $500k) $750 $950
Non-Profit (Revenue > $5m) $1,150 $1,350
Public Schools $0 $0
Private Schools $650 $850
Trade Associations $150 $250
Event Insurance $75 $75

Registration deadline to be included in the EDTx event guide is 3/1/17.
*Go Texan registration includes food permit.

Please see page 30 to learn about hosting a salon at the event that is configured with seating and presentation space.

Register Online
2017 Event Sponsorship Opportunities
Standard-Benefit Sponsorship
Customized-Benefit Sponsorship
EDTx-Event-Sponsor-25k-Steward EDTx-Event-Sponsor-50k-Partner
EDTx-Event-Sponsor-Department EDTx-Event-Sponsor-Major EDTx-Event-Sponsor-Presenting

Please contact us to request sponsor benefit details

214-310-1200 / development@earthdaytx.org

Participation is Paramount

Participation helps draw new audiences that otherwise may not engage.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on environmental education and awareness, Earth Day Texas has created the world's largest annual forum for sharing the latest initiatives, conservation efforts, products, discoveries, research, innovations, and sustainability practices that play an important role in improving environmental quality.

The event is held every year in late April to create an engaging atmosphere for interdisciplinary thought, learning, networking, engagement, and action that can be put into practice by participants and attendees year- round.

In 2017, the E-Day Conference opens a day before the exhibits and public event. It is focused on networking opportunities, conferences, and meetings for professionals in businesses, nonprofits, government organizations, and academia. The public event with programming and exhibits overlaps with the E-Day Conference on Friday, April 21, and continues through Sunday, April 23.

Please visit our website at earthdaytx.org to learn more about participating in Earth Day Texas' monthly events, expeditions, and new programming initiatives that keep the conversation moving year-round.

EDTx-Event-Participation-Crowd EDTx-Event-Participation-Walk
Additional Ways to Engage
Additional Participation Opportunities

Meeting space is offered as part of the E-Day Conference, a series of professional-oriented programming tracks hosted within the greater Earth Day event. Organizations host regularly scheduled or special meetings; facilitate collaborative conversations, network, and participate in other talks and events hosted by leaders from environmental nonprofits, businesses, academia, and government.


Conference space is offered as part of the E-Day Conference for organizers that are expecting large audiences. Conferences can be planned and promoted that address a wide variety of professional, nonprofit, academic, policy, or consumer topics. Conferences can be stand-alone events or developed in connection with exhibitor pavilions that represent the conference’s constituent members.


Salons are a new component in the makeup of the EDTx exhibition areas and will be hosted by specific organizations. Salons will be built with both presentation and seating space and designed to facilitate organized discourse on planned topics at regular intervals throughout each day. At times when formal programming is not scheduled, salons serve as an area for attendees to informally gather or meet with presenters to discuss topics or presentations.


Pavilions are on the exhibition floor and are composed of specially curated exhibit spaces featuring exhibitors that are working on a special initiative or project or have a common theme. Pavilions will feature distinctive signage and be promoted as their own content areas in EDTx promotional and event materials. Exhibitors in pavilions are expected to each have a substantial exhibit like those in individual exhibit spaces.

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Registration & Additional Information

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