Exhibitor Spotlight: My Open Road - Earth Day Texas

Exhibitor Spotlight

Exhibitor Spotlight: My Open Road

three screenshots of My Open Road app's transportation interface

My Open Road’s interface allows users to strengthen their social responsibility score

Ready to strengthen your social responsibility score? Ready, set, download! My Open Road is a mobile technology app that can detect a wide variety of transportation mechanisms, and assign a social responsibility score to each mode of travel based on its energy efficiency. You can carpool, jog or skateboard your way to a higher score!

My Open Road is focused on reducing CO2 emissions worldwide by over 5 million tons within 5 years. Earth Day Texas is excited to provide a platform for this tech-savvy approach to reducing carbon emissions. Visit My Open Road’s exhibitor booth, and learn how you can start getting rewarded for saving energy.

Remember – together, we can save the world one mile at a time.

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Five Questions with Rebecca Murry, Education

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Matt Myers

Five Questions with Matt Myers, Tech & Innovation

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Jeff Dye

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