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Go Local, Go Texan

Earth Day Texas is a proud partner of GO TEXAN, an initiative that celebrates, promotes, and supports Texas grown businesses and agriculture. Visitors will have the opportunity to buy delicious local food products grown right here in Texas. GO TEXAN exhibitors will also be selling their sustainably sourced products at the event.

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Healthy, Delicious Eats

As the old saying goes, you are what you eat. While learning about the benefits of eating healthy, alternative agriculture, and going local, visitors will actually be able to try some of the delicious healthy foods they are hearing about. Whether it’s a full-on meal or just a light snack, there is something for the whole family…

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Local Food = Social Good

Environmental and social issues are often interconnected. So too are their solutions. Learn from the inspiring organizations across the state that are using food and agriculture to improve peoples’ lives. From community gardens to non-profit restaurants and urban farms, you will not want to miss this area.

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Dallas Farmer's Market

Earth Day Texas plans an entire area at the event devoted to the Dallas Farmers Market and their vendors. Find your new favorite source for fresh vegetables, honey, and meats. If you are into food, you will love learning about all of your locally produced options.

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The Evolution Of Agriculture

Vertical farming, permaculture, and aquaponics are making waves in the agricultural industry. These agricultural pioneers are finding ways to feed more people with less land than ever before, creating whole ecosystems of fresh food and innovating agriculture that supports the land, rather than degrade it. Visitors to this department will be able to see the latest…

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Sign A Petition

Is there an issue or a project that you are really passionate about? Maybe something you learned about at Earth Day Texas? Take a stand and visit the petition booths in the Environmental Policy department to sign your name to petitions that you believe will lead to important action across the country.

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Become A Member

At Earth Day Texas, there are hundreds of organizations that are doing groundbreaking research and outreach on thousands of critical issues around the world. We make it easy to find the organizations that are working toward the solutions that you identify with most strongly, give you a chance to meet the people on the front lines,…

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Green Speaker Series Technology & Innovation

The Green Speaker Series is a cornerstone of the programming featured at Earth Day Texas, bringing fascinating individuals and organizations into the limelight to share their unique initiatives and solutions for the planet. In this department, there will be a stage focused specifically around innovation. Visitors will learn from leaders about energy, new technologies, and how…

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