EARTHx 2017



Out On The Land

Dr. Larry Butler hosts Out On The Land, a television show by landowners for landowners who want to share their conservation successes and best practices. An expert in land management and conservation, Dr. Butler spent 32 years with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service before starting Out On The Land to give landowners a voice to share their best…

December 19, 2015

Earth Day Texas at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.

Green Speaker Series: Stewardship

Earth Day Texas at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas. Michael Martin Murphey is one of many landowners, ranchers, and cowboys that will share their commitment to conservation at Earth Day Texas. These speakers will discuss restoring the western prairie, working Colorado’s Front Range environment, and spending quality time outdoors.

December 19, 2015


Eco-Minded Health Care

Human health is deeply impacted by the environment. Lack of access to healthy, fresh foods can increase incidence of diabetes in children and adults. Air pollution can lead to asthma and has serious health implications. Contaminated water leads to serious illness across the globe. In the United States, non-profit organizations like hospitals and health associations…

December 19, 2015

042214 Trails and Ales -¬ Jerry McClure-1135

Outside Time

Getting outside and spending time in the natural world has been proven to help people relax, decompress, and increase overall wellness. Exhibitors in this department represent the best in outdoor recreation, from hiking and camping to biking and fishing. In this department, visitors will learn about outdoor recreation opportunities in Texas and beyond!

December 19, 2015


Parks & Recreation

One does not have to go to the mountains or the ocean to have an outdoor experience. Parks provide urban escapes from the grind of work and modern life. Visitors to this area can learn about urban park projects and how they can make the most of the resources at their fingertips.

December 19, 2015


Meditation & Yoga

Meditation and relaxation through yoga help the mind move past stress to peace and clarity. Exhibitors in this area will introduce visitors to meditation basics and the many benefits of meditation. Visitors who are already experts will find a community of likeminded individuals and organizations with whom they can share best practices and take their search for…

December 19, 2015


Austin Footwear Labs

In 2015, the startup Austin Footwear Labs launched their brand at Earth Day Texas. The Texas-based company produces stylish shoes made out of 50% recycled tire rubber, which creates great footwear and also keeps tires out of landfills. Their mission is to “deliver high quality products using innovative technology and materials science to offer both sustainable and…

December 19, 2015


Green Fashion Show

Earth Day Texas is looking to develop a sustainable fashion show as the centerpiece of its Fashion & Beauty department; it will be a place where sustainable brands can model their latest eco-friendly styles. The show would be an opportunity for attendees to experience the benefits of sustainable brands, as well as learn how sustainability can…

December 19, 2015

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It will take a styrofoam cup at least 50 years to biodegrade naturally.

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