Earth Day TX 2017

Technology & Innovation


Our Green Future: What Better Parking Solutions Mean for the Smart Cities of Tomorrow

You’re driving around your city, looking for a parking space on a day when it feels like everyone in your town is out and about. You fight with the rest of the traffic and circle, and circle again. You just miss a spot on the way back. Besides being an incredibly annoying nuisance, something else…

April 22, 2017 • Technology & Innovation

billions in change logo

Exhibitor Spotlight: Billions in Change

Billions in Change is one of our incredible exhibitors taking action to implement solutions to important global problems in the areas of water, energy and health. Access to these basics affects both rich and poor. The creator of 5-hour Energy® and Billions in Change, Manoj Bhargava, has pledged his fortune to helping humanity. An unconventional philanthropist, Bhargava is funding…

April 22, 2017 • AttendExhibitor SpotlightTechnology & Innovation

solar cooker, deck, solar oven, solar, solar cooking

Exhibitor Spotlight: One Earth Designs

Dr. Catlin Powers and Scot Frank, scientists and co-founders of One Earth Designs, set out on a trip to the Himalayas to study climate change in South Asia. However, the trip’s focus quickly shifted to the effects of indoor air pollution in family homes. The scientists’ adjustment was a result of living with a nomadic…

April 22, 2017 • AttendExhibitor SpotlightTechnology & Innovation

three screenshots of My Open Road app's transportation interface

Exhibitor Spotlight: My Open Road

My Open Road’s interface allows users to strengthen their social responsibility score Ready to strengthen your social responsibility score? Ready, set, download! My Open Road is a mobile technology app that can detect a wide variety of transportation mechanisms, and assign a social responsibility score to each mode of travel based on its energy efficiency. You…

April 22, 2017 • Exhibitor SpotlightTechnology & Innovation


Geekbus and Citizen Science Workshop

This workshop is perfect for the tech guru in your friend group, the aspiring STEM student or the tinkerer in the family. Leaders in their respective fields will present unique insights into the interconnected worlds of citizen science, statistics, the Maker Movement, and the profound ability of technology to empower individuals to affect positive environmental change.…

April 22, 2017 • AttendTechnology & Innovation


Meet Tech Leaders

Visitors to this department will have the chance to meet scientists who work at NASA, NOAA, NREL, and other leading organizations that use technology to explore space, study our oceans, and break down barriers in the clean energy revolution. Visitors to this area will be able to have conversations with leaders across scientific fields and disciplines,…

April 22, 2017 • AttendTechnology & Innovation


Green Speaker Series Technology & Innovation

The Green Speaker Series is a cornerstone of the programming featured at Earth Day Texas, bringing fascinating individuals and organizations into the limelight to share their unique initiatives and solutions for the planet. In this department, there will be a stage focused specifically around innovation. Visitors will learn from leaders about energy, new technologies, and how…

April 22, 2017 • Academic, Culture & CommunityAttendTechnology & Innovation


Renewable Energy Resources

Earth Day Texas will feature strong business-to-business opportunities for renewable energy companies. As Texas is one of the leading states for renewable energy production, a resource fair of this size and caliber will offer unparalleled networking and purchasing opportunities. Clean energy producers will have the opportunity to connect with infrastructure developers and representatives from heavy industry.

April 22, 2017 • AttendPolicy & IndustryTechnology & Innovation

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