Earth Day Texas 2016

Fostering a Way Forward

It can be difficult to watch or read the news today and not be disheartened by the seemingly endless number of issues negatively impacting our environment. At Earth Day Texas, we believe everyone can play a role in creating more positive headlines through awareness, innovation, and progressive action. It is up to us to work together to build a more sustainable future.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on environmental education and awareness, Earth Day Texas has created the world’s largest annual forum for sharing the latest initiatives, discoveries, research, innovations, policies, products, and corporate practices that are reshaping our world.

This three-day free event is held in April to celebrate progress, hope, and innovation and is the largest event in the world of its kind. Earth Day Texas brings together environmental organizations, businesses, academic institutions, government agencies, speakers, interactive programming, and subject matter experts. Attendees will also enjoy numerous outdoor experiences, including live music, sustainable beer and food pavilions, electric bike test tracks, and family activities.

Earth Day Texas creates a fun and engaging atmosphere for thought and experiential learning while encouraging attendees to be the change they wish to see in the world.

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Get out and get involved.

The moment you arrive at Earth Day Texas you will experience unparalleled excitement and enthusiasm for sustainability and conservation by individuals and organizations from a wide array of environmental non-profit groups, schools and colleges, corporations, and government agencies.

To learn about environmental issues, solutions, and breakthroughs, you can meet the experts on the cutting edge of science, activism, academia, business, and policy. To learn about sustainable agriculture, you can experience healthy cuisine prepared by top chefs. To see the latest sustainable technological innovations, you can meet innovators in materials science, product development, robotics, and computing. You can dive into the broad worlds of sustainability and conservation by listening to speakers and panels comprised of world-renowned scientists, experts, and advocates. Film enthusiasts can watch documentaries with scientists, celebrities, and filmmakers taking you through their exploration of timely issues. Car lovers can view dozens of eco-friendly cars and participate in ride & drives. Do-it-yourselfers can learn about products and services for the home and garden that will help you save water, create your own energy, and live in a more sustainable home. And, when you feel like siting down with friends to ponder and discuss all of your experiences, you can try cuisine from the Savor Sustainable food pavilion or relax with friends in the Untapped Sustainable Beer Garden, which will feature a wide selection of beer from the most sustainability-minded breweries.

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Talk about issues, opportunities, and solutions.

Earth Day Texas is an interactive experience where people come to immerse themselves in the opportunities and solutions presented by today’s environmental issues. As an exhibitor and participant in Earth Day Texas, you have the chance to spread knowledge, tell your story, garner fresh support, attract new donors, customers or volunteers, and help advance the movement. Earth Day Texas is one of the only forums where environmental non-profits, businesses, academic institutions and government agencies unite to show people how to move the needle in all areas of their personal and professional lives!

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Apply what you have learned where you live, work, or play.

What attendees learn at Earth Day Texas in April will have a positive impact on their lives, communities, and the environment for 365 days a year. Sustainability and conservation-related concepts, practices, causes, volunteer and donor opportunities, innovations, products, and services are adopted by attendees and help encourage conservation and sustainability-minded decision making in communities across the nation.

We encourage attendees and exhibitors to stay engaged throughout the year by supporting or volunteering with Earth Day Texas and its affiliated environmental non-profit groups, applying what they have learned to make more sustainable consumer and professional choices, and further invigorate their passion for knowledge and action by mingling with likeminded experts and attendees at Earth Day Texas’ monthly events.

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News & Media

Earth Day Texas at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.

Michael Martin Murphey

Michael Martin Murphey is an award-winning country western singer-songwriter and an avid steward of the culture and landscape of the American West. His foundation, the Murphey Western Institute, is “a center for the education, preservation, and perpetuation of the arts, culture, history, and legacy of the American West.” At Earth Day Texas in 2015, Michael spread his…

November 27, 2015


Western Heritage Village

The American West has a long history of both natural exploitation and conservation. Ranchers, farmers, landowners, and cowboys have developed a respect for the land and ways to both use and preserve the unique western landscapes. This area will celebrate the history of Western conservation through historical exhibits, chuck wagons, and the opportunity to discuss the…

November 27, 2015


Out On The Land

Dr. Larry Butler hosts Out On The Land, a television show by landowners for landowners who want to share their conservation successes and best practices. An expert in land management and conservation, Dr. Butler spent 32 years with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service before starting Out On The Land to give landowners a voice to share their best…

November 27, 2015

Earth Day Texas at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.

Green Speaker Series: Stewardship

Earth Day Texas at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas. Michael Martin Murphey is one of many landowners, ranchers, and cowboys that will share their commitment to conservation at Earth Day Texas. These speakers will discuss restoring the western prairie, working Colorado’s Front Range environment, and spending quality time outdoors.

November 27, 2015

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